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Maoist Movement in India

Contemporary Maoist movement in India,also addressed as Left Wing Extremism (LWE) in the official vocabulary1 and in a section of academia is a continuation of the Naxal movement which, in turn, was similar to the Telangana (1946-1951) and Tebhaga movements, in form and contents with one pertinent difference. While the Tebhaga, Telangana and Naxal movements…
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The Kashmir Valley: Quelling the Disquiet

Photographs tell a story. They have an uncanny ability to get etched into our memories along with all their details and then refuse to fade away. And if this photograph emanates from Kashmir, especially from the picturesque Kashmir Valley, then it has the potential to tell a thousand stories, most of which are fictitious though.…
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North East India: Prospects for Peace

Intricate inter-play of conflict dynamics, trans-border linkages, geo-political complications, geographical incongruities, ethnic diversity and plethora of demands ranging from autonomy to self-determination to complete secession from India have always been the force multipliers for extremism in the North East. 5,300 km of highly volatile and extremely porous borders that the 2,63,000 sq km North East…
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