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NLIU Constitutional Law Symposium

If custom countdown is giving an error you may need to enable javascript - please visit Support Center for support. India Foundation, in association with National Law Institute University, Bhopal (NLIU) is hosting a Constitutional Law Symposium on March 16-17, 2019 at NLIU Campus, Bhopal. The symposium will focus on key issues of constitutional law…
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Soft Power: An Important Aspect of Foreign Policy

Soft power has been defined as the ability of nations to shape the preferences and influence the behaviour of other nations through appeal and attraction as opposed to coercion. It consists of three major categories - a nation’s culture, its political values and its foreign policy. These categories affect the image and perception of the…
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Soft Power: Building Confluence of Civilizations

The concept of ‘soft power’ formally emerged and took concrete shape only after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. In a way, it could largely be described as a post-Cold War phenomenon, which is now an established aspect of the contemporary discourse on international relations. The very timing of the formal emergence of the term…
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India and Soft Power

The recent rapid growth of the economy has positioned India more seriously than ever as a major power in world politics, and it is often paired with China as part of the vibrant rise of Asia. But how should India understand and invest in its growing power? Traditionally, power in world politics was seen in…
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