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Cross Border Terrorism and Response Options

Introduction Conventional wars are not the norms or strategic choice for state on state conflicts due to huge cost and collateral damages. As a result grey zone conflicts, which fall in duality of neither war nor peace, are becoming new arena of strategic competition between states. Cross border terrorism is a conflict that falls in…
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Why Do Terror Groups Choose Coastal Routes To Strike?

Introduction November 26, 2018 will mark the 10thanniversary of the Mumbai attack when ten terrorists from Pakistan landed on the shores of Mumbai and carried out a coordinated attack killing 166 persons and injuring scores. The attack had not only made India aware of the enormity of threats from the sea but also propelled the…
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Linkages Between Crime and Terrorism: Need to Look Beyond the Surface

The challenge of drug trafficking, fake currency, illegal migration, human trafficking and civic unrest amongst others are common law and order issues that are faced by most countries. With time, these crimes have witnessed growing sophistication, given the dramatic improvement in communications. This has brought the benefits of a globalised marketplace to criminal activities.1 Criminal…
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Reimagining Pakistan: Transforming a Dysfunctional Nuclear State

Author: Husain Haqqani Publisher: Harper Collins India, 2018, pp. 336 Price: Rs.699/- Book Review by:Alok Bansal* Pakistan has emerged as the epicentre of global terror, which is the result of an extremely radicalised society. The process of radicalisation continues unhindered, as Pakistan’s successive leaders have chosen to define its nationalism in terms of religion. Many…
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