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India’s North-East: Gateway to ASEAN

The development of the Northeast is tied with the development of India’s neighbours and the countries of ASEAN. Friendly partner countries from other regions too are integral to the vision for the Northeast and can contribute substantially. For a short period in the Indian history, there has been a misconception about the eight states of…
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Celebrating 25 Years of ASEAN-IndiaPartnership: What Makes It So Unique?

Introduction ASEAN and India have a rich history of maritime trade and ancient cultural linkages. Maritime relations between India and Southeast Asia date back to ancient times. India’s trade from ports such as Lothal, its coastal temples at Mahabalipuram and ancient links with My Son in Vietnam show the strength of its ties with ASEAN1.…
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India-ASEAN @ 25 and the India-Japan Partnership

The end of the Cold War, a complicated security environment to India’s north-west that inhibited the development of India’s historic relations with Central Asia and beyond, and a domestic balance of payments crisis provided the context and opportunity for Prime Minister Narasimha Rao to overcome Cold War differences with the ASEAN and effect a strategic…
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Balance-sheet of India-ASEAN Partnership @ 25

On the occasion of 50th anniversary of ASEAN while creating a balance sheet of India-ASEAN partnership we look at the 25 years of missed opportunities for India - from the period 1967- 1992 and thereafter at 25 years of engagement - from 1993-2017, in an attempt to understand India and ASEAN engagement over the years, particularly…
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