India Foundation Journal Issue 2 (Vol. 1)

I welcome you to the second issue of the in-house journal of the India Foundation. Our maiden issue was well received by our readers and we have received very encouraging feedback from them. To download the issue, click here
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India Foundation Journal Issue 1 (Vol. 1)

Cover Page It gives us immense pleasure to introduce to you the first issue of the in-house journal of the India Foundation. Meant for circulation among the members and well-wishers of the Foundation this journal is named as The India Foundation Journal. We intend to bring it out as a bi-monthly journal. To download the issue, click here.
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PoJK & Northern Areas: Status and Way Forward

Cover Page On February 22, 1994, a unanimous resolution was passed by the Indian Parliament. This resolution declared that, “(a) The State of Jammu & Kashmir has been, is and shall be an integral part of India and any attempts to separate it from the rest of the country will be resisted by all necessary means; (b) India has…
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