Leveraging Spirituality as India’s Soft Power

One of the most significant aspects of spirituality is that its profoundness can subtly permeate through our lives, creating a deep and integral link between spirituality and life. While placing spirituality into a global   perspective is indeed a challenging task, spirituality by its very nature can fit in anywhere and everywhere! Let us link the…
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ASEAN-India: Governance & Polity

Governance off late has become a ‘buzz’ word. Governance in essence refers to all processes of governing whether undertaken by a Government or any other organisation or agency through language, laws norms or power. Studies and discussions on governance have also varied around different subjects, such as international relations, public policy, law, polity etc. As…
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Why yoga’s influence is growing in Putin’s Russia

One of the first names that comes to mind in relation to the word "yoga" is Swami Vivekananda and distinctively so. It was in Boston, USA, that he first spoke about India's gift to the world. When introducing yoga to the West then, Swami Vivekananda elucidated that in addition to physical posturing, yoga is about…
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